Food Processing

The food industry requires a high level of cleaning for a safe, healthy and hygienic  environment.

Often food ingredients clog the vacuums’ filter and renders them useless. But not the Hilton Dust Eater, with the new Hilton A.F.P.T. (Air Filter Path Technology) it simply filters the dust away from the multi sock Filter System and forces the dust to the bottom of the vacuum body.

Wall mounted Auto Dumper Systems with an Auto Dumping mechanism and a variety of motors to suit the situation make the handling of production ingredient waste, a breeze. Used by large Production plants like Manildra Group to small bakeries, the Hilton Vacuums are out there doing a great job! Hilton Extraction Systems are also used to collect that annoying “puff of Dust” in sachet filling and Pharmaceutical pill making machines.

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