Liquid Collection

Although the capture of fine dusts is Hilton’s specialty, Hilton has created a few special vacuums and separator systems to capture liquid waste material . From years of experience in industrial cleaning businesses, it has been found to be a disaster trying to combine wet and dry collection, in the same vessel. So you can use your Hilton Dust Eater Vacuum with a Hilton Cyclonic Separator unit to collect liquid waste material. This Cyclonic Separator has a special liquid filter and shut off system, to protect the “drive” vacuum.

We also have, what we call our pipe system, to place in a 205 or 60 Ltr  drum bug hole, which loads the waste directly into the capture vessel, thus preventing the drive vacuum from handling any wet material. A separate hose and tool set up, is also recommended.

A number of customised units have been created for clients’ individual needs.

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