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Spare Parts and Consumables

Hilton Products Pty Ltd in Australia and Hilton Products NZ Ltd in New Zealand are the only suppliers of spare parts for the  Hilton Industrial Vacuum  range of vacuum cleaners. We can provide the full range of Spare parts, Consumables and Accessories to get your Hilton Vacuum up and running to perfection

Previously, Hilton Industrial Vacuums and Engineering and SMH Products more recently provided these. Both these companies are now “ defunked “ (in New Zealand and Australia).

So for all your requirements for the Hilton Dust Eater, Hilton Dust Eater Jr and other variations of these please contact Hilton Products

Service and Repairs

Hilton Vacuums are made tough and reliable, with little maintenance required. Besides new filters, seals and motor brushes replacements, little else is required.

Any competent person can maintain a Hilton Vacuum. Hilton Products staff can guide you through the service and maintenance procedures for your Hilton Vacuum, excluding any electrical repairs must be carried out by a certified technician.

Please just call or email us for advice and instructions.

Parts & Servicing Disclaimer

Whilst we do our best to service our vacuums throughout their lifetime, we reserve the right not to provide parts and servicing for vacuums that are over 10 years old or purchased 2nd hand.

Click here to download our Filter Changing & Seal Replacement Guide for the Hilton product range.

Click here to download the Truck Trolley Assembly Procedure.

Click here to download our User Guide for the Hilton Vacuums product range.