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Cement Works

The Hilton Dust Eater Vacuum is widely used by the Concrete Grinding Industry both in Australia and New Zealand.

So it is the obvious choice for those in associated Industries like the Cement manufacturing and bagging of similar products. These machines can easily cope with this hard to deal with dust due to Hilton’s A.F.P.T. (air filter path technology). The way the cyclone works to push the dust together means the filters have less work to do and that allows the vacuum to keep on sucking that dust.

If extra separation is required then a Hilton Cyclonic Separator can be linked to provide that extra step to keep the dust away from the filters.

Rental Options

Did you know you can rent a Hilton Dust Eater for those difficult and dirty jobs – this is also a great way to try one out if you’re thinking of buying.  Click here to find out more about our rental options.  You can also review our standard rental contract by clicking this link.

Parts & Accessories

We have over 350 different parts, accessories and floor tools in stock – call us for a chat on what you need.

Vacuum hose can be ordered to any specific length including anti-static varieties, you name it, we’ve either got it, or we can get it.

We can also supply parts, accessories and floor tools for other brands of commercial and industrial vacuums.

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