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In almost all manufacturing processes, dust is prevalent, and this is why the Hilton Dust Eater Vacuum was originally created back in 1996. Industrial cleaning of manufacturing dusts from the ground up, to the high ceilings in factories, where the lightest dust floats, was not handled well by the vacuums of the day. With those traditional models, the dust was always blocking the filters or they just let the dust go through, and this was the norm.

Not any more! With the Hilton Dust Eater Vacuum and it’s A.F.P.T. (Air Filter Path Technology) Hilton has a vacuum that can handle these dusts. Using our Cyclonic airflow and 15 sock filter system the dust is collected easily with minimal blocking until the vacuum is full.

Today with the Health & Safety laws banning the blowing of dusts in the work place, our vacuums are the choice, to handle the dust problem and the Hilton Dust Eater Vacuum is one of the best to do the job.

Rental Options

Did you know you can rent a Hilton Dust Eater for those difficult and dirty jobs – this is also a great way to try one out if you’re thinking of buying.  Click here to find out more about our rental options.  You can also review our standard rental contract by clicking this link.

Parts & Accessories

We have over 350 different parts, accessories and floor tools in stock – call us for a chat on what you need.

Vacuum hose can be ordered to any specific length including anti-static varieties, you name it, we’ve either got it, or we can get it.

We can also supply parts, accessories and floor tools for other brands of commercial and industrial vacuums.

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