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The Printing Industry has both dry and wet issues to contend with. Both paper dust from cutting and handling and “talc” dust from processing can cause impurities in production and need to be removed from the work area. The fineness of the dust means it needs a serious vacuum to cope.

The Hilton Dust Eater meets the challenge and has kept many printing companies’ production, free from contamination. The Hilton Dust Eater vacuum together with the Hilton Pipe System combine, to tackle the printers waste ink problem in a clean and efficient way, removing the spills into a 205L or 60L drum ready for removal to a waste area.

Rental Options

Did you know you can rent a Hilton Dust Eater for those difficult and dirty jobs – this is also a great way to try one out if you’re thinking of buying.  Click here to find out more about our rental options.  You can also review our standard rental contract by clicking this link.

Parts & Accessories

We have over 350 different parts, accessories and floor tools in stock – call us for a chat on what you need.

Vacuum hose can be ordered to any specific length including anti-static varieties, you name it, we’ve either got it, or we can get it.

We can also supply parts, accessories and floor tools for other brands of commercial and industrial vacuums.

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